{Man-Day} Monday:: My News Programming is filled with too much testosterone…

Happy Evening Luv-lies

Hope that your day was relaxing and your morning weather ‘uneventful’.

After the polar vortex of last week, which, by the way… how did you make out with that? polarbearBar living in Hawaii, I’m sure that- last Monday- the temperature  in your neck of the woods, dipped well below anything that seemed conducive to human life ….

Whew! That was a real mess!  I didn’t open doors, windows – nothing….. alllllll daayyy!  It was too damned cold!  Just the memory has me shi-vvvvering….

This has certainly been a better Monday…. actually, the end of last week was far better than its beginning.

Okay.  That’s enough of that thought.

Can you say, ‘ I want summer’?

… Moving On …

As of late, I’ve been lucky enough not to have to navigate the craziness that is ‘rush hour’ traffic.  Throughout the day,  I do get out and about, but I try, very hard, to miss that lunacy.


 So, today was no different.  I came in, threw today’s ‘goodies’ on the island in the kitchen, washed my hands in preparation for fetching something soothing to drink from the fridge and turned on the evening news.  The early version.  Now, I live in what I consider to be a somewhat ‘big city’.  If not by residents per capita, at least by the – more than daily – crime reports, weather disturbances and traffic foul ups.  So, suffice it to say, there are three crucial local news stories that I, immediately expect to hear, whenever I turn on my local morning/afternoon/evening report ::

1.   The latest Local Crime Report … what occurred … and where it occurred while I was sleeping/at work or running errands.  (I need to assess how unsafe my neighborhood may have become while I was out being me) & any follow up to any recent unresolved and/or unsolved criminal activity (I need to remember where to be especially vigilante while I’m out and about)

us crime statistics060508-2012

2.  The Local Traffic Report … need to know if I have to leave earlier/ hang around a little longer or to stay put altogether.  The other decision that is  driven (pardon the pun) upon the traffic conditions are: any accidents/incidents that may lend itself to me taking an alternate route (because being stuck in traffic is not my first choice of fun places to be)

traffic messiness


last, but not least

3.  The Local Weather Report … again, any weather-related conditions that may have happened while I was sleeping/at work or somewhere shopping (and not paying any attention to what is going on outside…. Shopping does that to us.  Doesn’t it?)  Don’t you want to know ifWill I need an umbrella, rainboots ( when I was younger, we called them galoshes.  Are they still called that?  Okay, Okay!. I digressed….) or no coat at all? And here’s that school bus question again –  how many school buses can I look forward to sitting behind? (because in my neck of the woods, school is cancelled if the fog is too thick, the snow too deep or the wind is too blustery. And, needless to say, the number of school buses on the road definitely makes a difference.  Big. Difference.) Other considerations –  Will I have to shovel/scrape or blow snow off of and/or away from some surface before I get started?  Will there be a rain event sooooo wet that it rivals going through a carwash?

All super-duper important.

 weather buttons

 …. you get the idea….

So, needless to say, I was  fit to be tied  beside myself when the FIRST fifteen minutes of My Local  news cast was monopolized by multiple national/regional  eff -ups!  All male related!

First Up! The

  A. Rod Doping Debacle!

Yes!  Although, I am interested in knowing what is happening in the world of crime.  It is the crime that is occurring in my backyard that reeealllly concerns me!


… Followed By …



Again!  I am concerned about the traffic!  But. This!  This is too much to try to digest!




SECOND!  Allegations of questionable misuse of Hurricane Sandy Funds!

Yes!  I want to be kept abreast of the latest criminal activities…

…. bahhhhhhht ….. ‘come on Chris…

… you had to know this might fall into the category of  ‘Shady

chris christie sandy commercial

And.  Waaaaaaay!  Way! before we got to the part of the news that are the ‘must have’ entrees on my News Menu, there were these other ratchet testosterone driven acts!::

 ~ The Dennis Rodman Basketball bullshiggity!

~  A rebroadcast of the peeping-tom case, of the award-winning urologist, Adam Levinson

~  The continued, boring Eliot Spritzer sexual scandal ‘thang’

Are you serious!

This is far too much reporting of non-Local,  male deviant behavior for me!  Especially at the start of the news cast!

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I really can care less about the gender of the offender of bad news, regardless to when in the newscast it is reported.  But today’s broadcast  just wreaked of ‘maleness gone bad’.  And too much of it, up front and in my face!

Me: thinking ~~~*could  this be me in a cray cray moment? or, perhaps … in a menopausal madness moment*

hummmmmmm … I’m just saying

What is there too much of in your day?

Do tell….


How About this Crazy Weather …. and …. Today I Found Out 10 {Interesting} Food Facts

Good Morning Luv-lies,

questions please
I hope that you have had many successes this week 🙂

It’s been a trying week (and that’s an understatement) for everyone across the states, as far as the weather goes. Blazing heat on one coast, that has resulted in seemingly uncontrollable spontaneous fires. The tornadoes seem to never stop, especially for our friends in the mid-west and (surprising for some) along the northeastern seaboard. All this unsettledness and uncertainty can easily lead to (well understood) anxiety, discomfort and unrest – to name a few.

In light of all of these “what in the world is happening?” weather occurrences, I hope that all of you have been able to maintain some sense of normality in your life (in general) and in your weight-loss efforts (specifically).

…… now onto something lighter….

Today I Found Out…. 10 Food Facts

#10 Unless food is mixed with saliva, you can’t taste it
# 9 Keep fresh fruits and veggies, like asparagus, refrigerated at 40 degrees
# 8 The seed inside of a peach contains an almond-like nut which holds a potent
anti-cancer medium call Laetrile. However, claiming that laetrile was
effective and toxic, the U.S. medical community successfully persuaded the
FDA to ban it in 1971
# 7 Rosemary Oils can be used as a natural meat preservative
# 6 Pear is a fruit that ripens from the inside out
# 5 Cayenne pepper increases the metabolism
# 4 Lemons contain more sugar than strawberries
# 3 You would have to walk 9, yes 9, miles to burn off the calories of a Double
Whopper w/ Cheese….. *YOWZA!!!!*
# 2
Actually a fruit, it took a ruling by the Supreme Court in 1893 to make the
the tomato a vegetable

….. and….. *drumroll please*……

# 1 Fast Food restaurants use: yellow, red and orange because
those colours stimulate hunger ….

…. a little something for the weekend….

Add your {Interesting} Food Facts….