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Happy Tuesday Luv-lies!

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed that I’m up much earlier than usual.  Have you ever been so excited about something that you just couldn’t sleep?  Try as you might, you just can’t get the darn thing off  your mind enough to get just a little shut-eye!  Every time that you close your eyes the thing just keeps running through your mind!  You know what I’m talking about.  Right?

Well, that’s exactly what is going on that has me up well before the crack of dawn.  This idea has to be tired because it’s been running through my head all night!

So enough thinking about it!  I want to tell you about it!

You know that I’m always thinking of ways that I can stay connected with you guys.  And to give you all Shout Outs for staying connected with me.

Follower LuvI can’t think of a better way to say ‘Thank You’ than to feature you right here in this spot.  Right here in my #BlogHomeSpace!  I want to tell all of my you about each other.  You know.  Sort of a ‘Thank You’ and an introductionall in one!

Thx for the Follow

The picture is a dead give-away to the idea that has kept me too excited to sleep.

The idea is a jump off from my Friday {Facebook} Feature that gives a ‘Shout Out’

to my Facebook followers.  I want to extend the Luv by giving a warm ‘Thank You Shout Out’  to all of you who Follow me on Twitter.

You know that I have to give it a name. right?

And so,  *drum roll puh-leez* ….


Twitter {Tuesday} is Born!!!!

So what can you expect?  A weekly round-up of a few of the musings from:

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Twitter Tuesday

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Do Tell …


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An Unexpected Surprise & a Good Read

Good Afternoon Luv-lies,

Had a fun-filled weekend (read – ate a little off program :/ ).   Stayed mostly on, but I must admit that I strayed a little…. *just a little*  🙂  Didn’t make to my usual Weight Watchers meeting place to weigh in (that’s usually done on Sunday) because the festivities started waaaaay before the meeting time!  Needed Monday to recoup * come on!  You know how that is…. right?*

Went in today for this  weeks weigh in…. couldn’t find a reallllly good excuse reason to hold out any longer … to this VERY welcomed surprise!



Didn’t really expect that!  Although I ate a ‘little’ off program, most of my hedonistic indulges were either fat laden and/or salt ridden.  With that in mind, I approached the weigh-in with the mindset that “… I know that I gained something! …. I just hope that that ‘something’ is just a little bit…”

This kinda surprise … I like !!   This kinda surprise … I can do !!

And to think that I was seriously trying not to be accountable this week by skipping the weigh-in  *there’s something to be said about your conscious getting the better of you!*

Just think I would have missed on the ‘Scale’ Celebration, getting my first #BRAVO sticker for #WeightWatchers’  ‘ACE Your Summer Challenge’, getting the ‘#WeightWatchers’ Weekly’

Non Scale Victories!!!

Non Scale Victories!!!

….. and picking up this gem of a magazine that is always chock-filled with loads of great articles and even greater *delish* recipes!!

#WeightWatchers Summer Read



I rushed home because I knew that I had to share it with you on MY TWITTER FEED


and my FACEBOOK Post

My #Facebook Post

Such a nice way to begin a beautiful, sunny afternoon.
I’ll say.
What unexpected happened in your day?
… Do Tell…