Friday Food Porn

Friday Food {Porn}:: Culinary Ink

Hello Luv-lies,

It’s Friiiii-day!

That definitely means one thing!  It’s Friday Food Porn!!!

I’ve noticed the great tattoos being sported by some of the chefs on my favorite cooking channels.  They’re quite different from the biker tats,  in that,  it is a skin celebration of all things culinary.  Some of this great ink seems almost edible…..  Or, at least, frame-able.  Take a look for yourself.


Breakfast Ahead

An Armful of Veggies

An Armful of Veggies

Marquarita Ready

ALWAYS Ready for the next Marquarita!!!

Her utensils never leave her side

Her utensils never leave her side

food tattoo

Asparagus … [un] Armed

and of course, to be complete, there has to be at least one of these

BACON!  It's a wrap!!

BACON! It’s a wrap!!

As beautiful as all of this ink is, I think that it take a very compassionate foodie to do this.

What are your thoughts?
Do Tell …