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{G}adgets: #AtoZChallenge 2016

I have a confession to make.  I am a gadget junky!  Not a luv’er of  all gadgets tho’.  If it’s electronic,  book-related or kitchen related, I go ‘ coo coo for CoCo Puffs’ over it!  *you do remember this tag line for the cereal,  don’t you? * 

The gadgets that get my attention had to meet only two criteria.  It must:

☆ be cute but functional

☆ and have the ‘ahhhhhhhhhhh!’ factor!

That’s it!  If it has those two things,  it has me at the letter ‘G’!

So I confessed about my luv for spices.  Gadgets are easily a close second in the area of vices!  And,  for the purpose of this post,  kitchen gadgets fit the bill nicely *flashing a big cheesy grin*

Here’s just a few of these little Luv-lies:


The Cute Factor : It’s a bowl

The Ahhhhhh Factor : The Splash!

 Tabua-derramada-bem-legaus-1The Cute Factor: It’s a Cutting Board

The Ahhhhhh Factor: It’s a Paint Drip!


The Cute Factor: It’s  a Tea Infuser

The Ahhhhhh Factor: It’s A Dude just ‘hanging’ out!

These are just a few gadgets that I’m luv’ing now. I’ve got much more over on My Pinterest Page


What’s your food vice?

Do tell. …..

Next.  Letter {H}


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Friday {Food} Porn … Stop Throwing Good Food Down The Drain!

Hey Luv-lies,

Just a short post today.

Went marketing yesterday.  I usually clean out the fridge,  of food that I’ve let sit too long,  the same day that I bring home groceries.

  I used to over shop for fresh veggies and fruits

and that ALWAYS! meant that when I cleaned out the fridge to make room for the new groceries, loads! {and loads!} of food would be thrown away!



Today, I have my frequent Pinterest Strolls  thank for keeping the food on my plate and out of the garbage!

I pinned this invaluable guide to keep me on track

shelf life

No more brown bananas and ultra-soft avocados!!!
What invaluable little ditty has made your life easier?
Do Tell …

My Pinterest


Good Morning Luv-lies

How are you surviving the big chill and deep freeze that has befallen on much of  ‘The States’?  I’ll eventually dig myself out {I guess}.  My hope is that I’ll be able to make it to the market – not that I need anything – I took care of that on Monday before all this ‘weather hell’ broke loose.

frozen wheels

For now,  I’m enjoying trekking through the world of social media.  Usually my gallivanting takes to the many sites that I luv to hang out at, but this morning I did something a little different.   Instead, I googled myself  – have you done that?  I find it funny that, even though I know that I was going to show up somewhere on the page, I smiled with delight to find myself there…. silly me :).  I spent some time clicking the links and perusing my sites but eventually I settled in at my pinterest site.  The truth is, I luv Pinterest.  But for some reason, when I’m updating/interacting or just hanging out and spending time, I seemed to forget that I have a page.

mypinterest logo

I’m not sure why I don’t stop more often.  My lack of being there probably explains why I don’t have many followers.  That’s okay, because amassing some ‘off the chart’ amount of ‘Followers’ is not the reason that I do this.   To date I have 31 Boards, 524 Pins and 239 ‘Likes’ and, suffice it to say that I am grateful.

If you have a little time, I’d luv to share with you, a little bit of what I do when I am there.  Here are a few of the ‘Boards’ that I ‘Pin’ to::

I collect #Yumlicious recipes and meal ideas.  Like this delicious looking Quinoa Pancakes With Blueberry Maple Syrup from a board entitled ‘Food Glorious Food’.

  My goal is to, eventually, prepare every single recipe including this one

quinoa pancakes

Cute and Inspiring Work- out Gear – you know that you’re in shape when you can wear horizontal stripes

mypinterest cute running clothes

Training Tips that I’ve saved for days like today when the weather limits my outdoor activities

yoga sequence

Shoe Porn to be ‘sported’ and not really for working out.  I’ve gotta have these little gems…..

mypinterest nike glitterati

I’ve thrown in a board dedicated to all those clever gadgets…. because what is life without clever gadgets? Right?

mypinterest lg headphones

And because all of this working out has to have a payoff, there’s some awesome ‘pins’ of  what I call ‘the girly stuff’

mypinterest glamour

So there you have it.  A small glimpse into my world on Pinterest.

You know, now that I’ve spent some time in this space and especially since I’ve enjoyed sharing my ‘pinnings’ with you, I really have to get there more often.

It’s a luv-lie space.  Come and join me some time.  I promise to be there more frequently.

Where in the world of social media do you spend your time…..  Do Tell…..