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{E}dible Flowers: #AtoZChallenge 2016

It’s planting season again, and I am soooo  ready to restart my herb garden. I haven’t had much luck growing flowers so last year I planted my first herb garden!  *grinning from ear to ear*.


Definitely have a green thumb with herbs!  The success of my herb garden has me rethinking adding flowers to this year’s planting project.


I figure,  if I’m going to plant flowers, why not make them edible!

I’m thinking like bouquet-worthy flowers.  Lavender,  Day Lily,  Nasturtium like flowers.


*I feel a learning moment coming on*

All I’ve ever done with flowers is arrange them in a vase.  Not eat them!  I went surfin’ and found the following resources the tells about these edible beauties:


☆ Want the Do’s & Don’ts? Find them HERE

☆ Just how DO you use them?  Look HERE

☆ Check HERE for some unique cooking ideas like the one below


Rather I decide to try my hand at something as fancy as the cookies,  I know that if a decide to grow edible flowers, they’ll definitely make a breathtaking salad!


Have you used edible flowers in any of your dishes?

Do tell…

Next. The Letter  {F}



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Friday Food {Porn}:: Decadent Eats

Hey Luv-lies!

It’s Friiiiii-Day!!!!!   That has to  mean ….

Friday Food Porn!!!

I’ve been on this journey to a healthier me.   It’s been a road of, among other things, self-discovery, self-control and self-appreciation.  There have been temptations *many. many. temptations*.  This is where the self-c0ntrol comes in…  You see.  I’ve learned that I don’t have to eliminate any of the delicious eats that I once over indulgenced.  It’s truly about control…. portion control.

With that in mind, Come.

Feast your Eyes.  My Food Porn.  At its most decadent.

food porn

Who doesn’t LUV Chocolate?

Sign me up!!!!

food porn1

Boysenberry Sorbet.


food porn2

Blueberry Ice Cream.  With a Hint of Lavender.

Yes. Lavender.

food porn4

This delight is ‘Pie in a Jar’

What’s in it?: Berries – Blue, Straw & Black.  Lemon Juice (just a little).


Brandy/Cognac.  Yes.  Brandy/Cognac.

Remember.  Portion. Control.  *and maybe a designated driver*

food porn5

Chocolate on a Stick


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{A}romatherapy… #AtoZChallenge2014



Day #1 of the #AtoZChallenge2014.  Yeaaaaaa! *clapping hands & throwing confetti*   THE LETTER ‘A’!!!

Aromatherapy….  Hippocrates stated that “The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day.”

I should be so lucky!  Now I’ve had my share of massages, mannies and pedis.   And I thought that I had an Aromatherapy session or two thrown in.  However, after finding out that the true experience of Aromatherapy includes, not only a body especially of the face.  The massage is done with fragrant essential oils extracted from herbs, flowers, and fruits because the use of aroma helps to enhance a feeling of well-being.

I’ll take one of those! Pleaaaaze…..

I find that my memory works better when I have a visual reference – I swear that it has something to do with the beauty of this ‘aging thing’ – *big smile*    So if you need the visual thing to help you, this visual is for us


aromatherapy works


The essential oils and water-based goodies are said to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual health and balance – I, for one, definitely need that!  Right?   These extracts make their way into the air we breath in when they’re used in massage oil, or added to bathwater.  These extracts sends message to a special area in the brain that are said to trigger physiological responses (e.g., eucalyptus relieves congestion, lavender promotes relaxation).

Want to have this experience in the privacy of your own home?  This great site serves up all of the DIY good-goods to make it happen


Aromatherapy bubble bath: DIY


P.S.  A great guide for new and seasoned aromatherapy users is the book “The Art of Aromatherapy: A guide to using essential oils for health and relaxation”.


P.S.S.  … Tomorrow, The Letter ‘B’