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Friday Food {Porn}:: The Right Equipment Makes All the Difference

Hello Luv-lies,

Over the last several months I’ve been giving this ‘chef’ thing a try.  I’ve gathered and collected recipes that, simultaneously,  make my eyes, mouth and belly ‘water’.   I’ve firmed up my pantry with the contents of these enticing feasts.  In the past, my kitchen gadget/equipment was what I affectionately referred to as my ‘collection’.  They didn’t get much use, but they looked great in the kitchen!  Today, the pots, pans, grinders, processors & utensils are in a constant rotation of use.  I’m sure that if they could speak, they would be loudly cheering at the notion of no longer being pretty objects that sat on the counters gathering dust due to a lack of use.   Although, the ‘how to’ of most of these wears are no longer a mystery to me, the use of one piece of equipment still escapes me!  I am having the darndest time using the knife!

yummy_onionYessss.  I have tried – and failed miserably – to handle what seems the most basic of utensils, like the chefs that I watch on the food channels.  Now, I’m not trying to look exactly like them – blurred visions of blades flying through the air while performing the simple task of chopping an onion.  All while managing not to chop off their fingers!  Noooo.  For me that image is merely a dream.  I just want don’t want to look dangerous *blank stare*.  In an effort to find out what I was doing – or not doing with the knife – that makes me look like I have to left thumbs, I found this very (did I say ‘very’?) useful infographic.  (my grammar school teacher would not be pleased with that last sentence :/)

knives _ infographic

This little beauty has given me far more info than I could have imagined existed on the use of a knife.  To which I am overjoyed.  Because now, with this as a reference, I am on my way to at least looking like a real chef!

If my knife skills get really good, I just may post a video-tape of my accomplishment…. hmmmmmm. 

What is challenging you today?

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