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I don’t know if this is what Walt meant…. 5 Disney Inspired Cocktails

Good Morning Luv-lies

It’s Friiiiiiii – Dayyyyyyy!

It’s cold as witches’ brew out there! … okay.

* I know witches brew is not reallllly cold… that’s just a little something that  we say in my neck of the woods…*


And the snow…. is coming down.



I’ve got a little more than a few errands to run before the I can get out of these elements.


Then …

I have to figure out which one of these

5 Disney Inspired

liquid delights I’m going to have …






Like These?
There’s more

Which one stirs up the Disney Hero … or … Villain in you?

Do tell…

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{D}isney Princesses … #AtoZChallenge2014

Day #4  of the #AtoZChallenge2014

The Letter ‘D’

Ever wonder what 10 Famous Feminist Role Models look like if they were drawn as  {D}oe-eyed {D}isney Princesses?


~ 1~ Princess Marie Curie

disney marie curie

~ 2~  Princess Harriet Tubman

disney harriet tubman

~ 3 ~  Princess Ruth Bader Ginsberg

disney ruth bader ginsburg


~ 4 ~  Princess Gloria Steinem

disney gloria steinem


~ 5 ~ Princess Malala Yousafzai

disney malala yousafzai


~ 6 ~ Princess Rosa Parks

disney rosa parks


~ 7 ~ Princess Susan B. Anthony

disney susan b anthony


~ 8 ~ Princess Anne Frank

disney ann frank


~ 9 ~  Princess Jane Goodall

disney jane goodall


~ 10 ~   Princess Hillary Clinton

disney hillary_0



Gotta Luv these 10 Real World Princesses Who look {D}andy with a little {D}isney  {D}azzle!



Learn more about this artist


Tomorrow … The Letter ‘E’