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{D}isney Princesses … #AtoZChallenge2014

Day #4  of the #AtoZChallenge2014

The Letter ‘D’

Ever wonder what 10 Famous Feminist Role Models look like if they were drawn as  {D}oe-eyed {D}isney Princesses?


~ 1~ Princess Marie Curie

disney marie curie

~ 2~  Princess Harriet Tubman

disney harriet tubman

~ 3 ~  Princess Ruth Bader Ginsberg

disney ruth bader ginsburg


~ 4 ~  Princess Gloria Steinem

disney gloria steinem


~ 5 ~ Princess Malala Yousafzai

disney malala yousafzai


~ 6 ~ Princess Rosa Parks

disney rosa parks


~ 7 ~ Princess Susan B. Anthony

disney susan b anthony


~ 8 ~ Princess Anne Frank

disney ann frank


~ 9 ~  Princess Jane Goodall

disney jane goodall


~ 10 ~   Princess Hillary Clinton

disney hillary_0



Gotta Luv these 10 Real World Princesses Who look {D}andy with a little {D}isney  {D}azzle!



Learn more about this artist


Tomorrow … The Letter ‘E’

#NaBloPoMo, Blog Luv!

I’m #1468 !!!!

Hello Luv-lies,

Just checked my email and found this!!

I’m #1468!  on the NaBloPoMo list!!!

“!!!! BAM !!!!!”… The excitement of participating in this community has just been kicked up a notch!!



Now, I’m really pumped up!!!!   See You, again…. soon….

So Luv-lies,

What’s got you pumped up today?

#NaBloPoMo, Blog Luv!, Inspiration

Do You NaBloPoMo?

Good Morning Luv-lies,

This morning I signed on to participate in this months NaBloPoMo.  Okay… so what is this?  NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog Posting Month :-).  I’m using this opportunity as an inspiration to continue, waaaay after this challenge has ended, post daily in this space that I’ve curved out for myself.   A space where – as the tag line for this challenge encourages –  I can “Type [My] Heart Out” !

Modeled after a similar contest whose audience are novelists  NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month),, the wonderful people at Blogher  created a community of everyday bloggers to gather and share their thoughts and experiences.


If you, too, are looking to find ‘friends’ in the amazing world of the blogosphere (did I mention that there are prizes for participation? 😉 ) then you want to hurry over and get yourself signed up for this ultimate opportunity to meet and greet!

So Luv-lies,  What’s inspired you today?

Do Tell…..