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{B}ourbon: #AtoZChallenge 2016

Hey Luv-lies

Day Two of the #AtoZChallenge. And yes, the party is heating up!   *Woot! Woot!*

So I’m watching one of my favorite food shows – you know,  the one with the hip young dyed-blonde haired chef that visits “Triple D’s” in a fire-engine red sports car.   Yep.  That show.  One of the Triple D’s that he dropped in on was serving up a plate of chicken that had me drooling! *grabbing a napkin*


You know sometimes I wonder why I temp myself watching these shows.   All of the amazing food has me adding to a list of  ‘places to eat if I’m in _________ town’ *fill in the blank*. I just know that my list is going to come in handy….. I just know it! 

I wait,  pen in hand, for the segment where they name the ingredients and was surprised to learn that the secret ingredient of all of this deliciousness is {B}ourbon!  Who’d of thunk it!



The smokey caramel & vanilla flavors enhances the distinct flavors of,  both,  sweet and savory dishes.  That makes it BFFs with sugar, pecans, chocolate *umm hmmm- chocolate*, mint,  peaches, apples and pork.  With so many flavor pairings, bourbon is great in marinades,  sauces, glazes, brines, cakes,  pies, cookies AND of course,  chicken!

Bourbon whiskey, which gets its name from Bourbon County, Kentucky, is distilled from a grain mash that’s at least 51% corn (but usually 65% to 80%) and may also contain barley, rye, and sometimes wheat (as in Maker’s Mark brand). The distilled liquor is then aged in new charred oak barrels from which it gets its color and smoky, caramel undertones.

Save the Top Shelf stuff (Blanton’s & Eagle Rare ) for sipping and toasting. For cooking up  bourbon-infused yumminess, the simple stuff (Jim Beam, Wild Turkey,  Old Crow,  or Heaven’s Hill) will do just fine.  *Wink* *Wink*

Have you used bourbon in any of your #Yumlicious dishes?

Do tell. …

Next….. the Letter {C}



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citi{B}ikeNYC… #AtoZChallenge2014

Day #2 of the #AtoZChallenge2014.

The Letter B

CitiBike NYC

What is CitiBike? You ask… (well, not if you’re a New Yorker)

Meet the Bike

Tell your couch you’ll be seeing a
lot less of each other. Both rugged
and easy-to-use, your Citi Bike was
built for simple, spontaneous trips
in the city so you can get around
town like never before.

“CitiBike is New York City’s bike sharing system. Intended to provide New Yorkers and visitors with an additional transportation option for getting around the city”. The thought is, since bike sharing is fun, efficient and convenient, why not give all who wish (or are brave enough) to cycle through the streets of New York City?



With thousands of bikes at hundreds of stations, CitiBike is available for use 24 hours a day, all year ’round.  The bikes can be rented from and then returned to any station in the system, creating an efficient network with many possible points and combinations of departure and arrival.

This little slice of nostalgia is sponsored by Citibank {title sponsor}, with MasterCard as the Preferred Payment Partner.  That’s right.  Payment is via plastic.  No need to carry a pocket full of change or a wallet full of bills.

Here are the stats a month after its May 2013 Launch.  ….. Not too shabby

citibike infograph

 * did you notice, in the fine print, that an average of 40 calories are burned for every mile biked*?

Look fashionable and burn calories, too?  I’m in.

 Over 14,600 PBSC bikes are used every day, across the globe. New York joins a growing list of cities offering bike sharing to its citizens and visitors. These include the Capital Bikeshare in Washington DC and Arlington VA, Hubway in Boston, Melbourne Bike Share in Melbourne, Australia and Bike Chattanooga in Chattanooga, TN.   Explore other cities with bike share programs with the PBSC system and take advantage of the opportunity to discover a new city on two wheels when you travel!



There’s loads more to learn about this ‘Fun in a work out’ …. but right after a spin through Central Park….

Tomorrow… The Letter ‘C’