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Happy National Coffee Day!!!

It’s here Again!!

National Coffee Day!!!

coffee fairy

So what is all this coffee hoopla about?  Every year, on September 29th, National Coffee Day celebrates the coffee bean and the promotion of fair trade of coffee.   All in an effort to raise awareness about coffee growers.

For me, one of the fun things about this caffeine fueled day is that at my local coffee shop, I can get all of the Free Coffee that I can carry!

I posted on my FB PAGE where you can score on getting your free ‘cup of jo

*a click on the picture will take you right to the link to the article 😉

fb coffee 2015

I have my cup of jo’ in hand.   I’ll wait for you to grab yours.

Hurry back.  I have some Fun ‘Coffee’ Facts to share with you


The most expensive coffee (in the world), Kopi Luwak, is excreted by a Sumatran species of wild cats.  How expensive is this cup o’ jo?

$600 a pound of coffee.   YEP!


Coffee is a fruit. Coffee beans are actually the pits of berries that grow on bushes .



Second only to oil, Coffee is most sold commodity around the world.


How do you like your coffee bean- Arabica or Robusta?  These are the only two kinds of coffee beans.  Thank goodness for the bottomless variety of coffee-based drinks.  The difference in the bean?  Robusta is more bitter and packs twice as much caffeine.

coffee bean


65% of the worlds coffee is consumed by three countries: Americans, Frenchmen and Germans


So there you have it!

Nothing like a cup of liquid luv and some fun facts!

Thanks for the company.

…. I’m on my way for a second cup

I Need My Jo

What’s on your list of things to do today?

Do Tell….

Friday {Facebook}, My Facebook

Friday {FaceBook} is Born!!!

Happy Friday Luv-lies!!!

I’ve got some really fascinating people, organizations and groups on Facebook that I ‘Follow‘.

Yesterday, while perusing My Facebook Page,

hello.iamphat facebook page


I thought it would be nice to feature some of your great posts, pictures and inspirations that cross my newsfeed.

And so,  *drum roll puh-leez* ….

 ‘Friday {FaceBook} is born!!

friday facebook logo

So what can you expect?  A weekly round-up of a few of the musings from:

My Facebook Newsfeed

Direct Posts from You on My Facebook Page 

Posts From The Pages that ‘I Follow’

Posts From Groups that ‘I Follow’


These beautiful pictures of  ‘Awesome Onion Art’  were featured on the pages of Architecture and Design’s Page




This exquisite display of food styling was in my newsfeed from the Facebook page of  ‘The Rambling Epicure, Mastering the Act of Food Writing’


The Body Department’s Facebook Page featured this challenging AB workout!!!


I’d love to feature your posts, on this blog!  So go!  Right now.  ‘LIKE ME’  if you haven’t already done so.

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