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{ManDay} Monday… If You Don’t Believe Me Just Watch

Hey Luv-lies,

I want to do this work out!!

… of course, I’ll have to work on my balance…

What are you working on today?
Do Tell …

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{ManDay} Monday … From the Heart of A Baby Boy

Good {ManDay} Monday Luv-lies!!

Found this little gem.  Thought I’d share it with you.  I know that you’ll luv it as much as me


Do You Luv It?

Do Tell ….

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{ManDay} Monday … I Like My Shots in Chocolate Chip Form

Good Monday Morning Luv-lies!!!


Dominique Ansel Bakery is the man behind today’s ManDay Monday inspiration.

Known for such bakery delights and the ‘Cronut‘ {pictured above} – a hybrid pastry fancied out of combining the donut with the croissant.


this sweet and gooey taste of nostalgia with the clever handle – ‘Fro Smo’.  Did I say that its made ‘torched to order’?


#Yumlicious!!!!  … just add cracker… graham.  of course.

With the temperatures still in the single digits, I think that I’d like to snuggle up to one of ‘Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shot’ inspired dessert


I’ve got to get the ingredients before the next snow storm!!

Watch the video and get the recipe.

You won’t regret it!!

What delish culinary delight is keeping you warm tonight?

Do tell …


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{Man Day} Monday… It’s A Bike. Wait!. … It’s a… Treadmill?

Happy President’s Day, Luv-lies!!!

Are you off today or do you have to drag yourself into work this morning?

How was your Valentine’s Day?  What didcha do?  … dinner? movie? chilled at home with a good _______ (you fill in the blank)…

What didcha get? Chocolates? Flowers? Good book?   Do Tell….

For the last   *^@!- something years, February 14th has been something far better than Valentine’s Day {for me}.


It’s been the {Very Special} Birthday of  #TheBestDaughterInTheWorld!…. Mine!!!




*Throwing Confetti in The Air.  And doing my Happy Dance!!!*

So.  In addition to celebrating, I spent the later part of my weekend relaxing and surfing the ‘net.

One thing I love about surfing is finding something uniquely crazy.

This gadget fits the bill.  Nicely.

Perfect for today’s {Man Day} Monday feature


If you look closely,  you’ll notice that these two are actually walking!  That’s right! You do not see them pedaling!

This clever little ditty is the mastermind of Holland native- Bruin Bergmeester.

You see, it seems that he spends a good deal of his day sitting.  And when he’s not, he’s home on the treadmill.  As the story goes,

“One day it was lovely outside and Bruin did not fancy spending time on a bicycle, which meant sitting again, so he thought to himself: “Why not bring the treadmill outdoors?”

And this is what he came up with… he calls if the Lopifit.

He describes it as ‘not an electric bike, it’s not a scooter, it’s not a treadmill’

So what is it!  Why it’s all three.  Of Course.

Okay.  Now you know you want to be the first one of your friends have one.  Admit it.

This is too clever for me.  Sign me up.  I want one!

The only question is  ‘Where can I order one of these?’.

Spoiler Alert!

… it’s only a prototype … *bummer*   *big bummer*

I’ll keep my eye on this one.  When it comes to market, you’ll be the first ones to know!

What unique craziness is going on in your life?

Do Tell ….

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{Man}Day Monday:: Be his Chocolate Candy on V-Day

Hey Luv-lies,

There’s not that many more days left, before cupid rears her luv-ly head.  Still empty-handed, or worse, without a clue as what to buy for your Valentine Love?



If your Man Crush is a techie, then you’re in luck.  Here are a couple of  digital gadgets that will assure that you will be his chocolate candy on this night meant for love.


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{MAN}Day Monday: 6 reasons that The Broncos wished they hadn’t played in Super Bowl XLVIII

Good Morning Luv-lie,

How about Super Bowl XVLIII?!   Full disclosure, usually when I watch the Super Bowl, it’s mostly in anticipation of  the new commercials.  It seems that companies really pull out ALL of the stops.  And they didn’t disappoint (the commercials, that it).  What was a major disappointment; however, was the fact that the Denver Bronco’s didn’t show up for the game!   In as few words as points that Denver scored, the sports headline for today is :  ‘The Broncos: Orange Crushed!’

As a recap, here are 6 Reasons that The Broncos wished they hadn’t played in Super Bowl XLVIII:

1.  At the start of the game, during the coin toss, ‘Broadway’ Joe couldn’t contain himself long enough for the referee to get an answer from Seattle as to whether they wanted heads or tails.  Come on Joe, the temperature was 49 degrees and no snow to be seen …. for miles!


2.  The fastest score -[12 seconds] – in Super Bowl history happened when the Broncos gave up a safety on the first offensive play of the game.  *BLINK* *BLINK*


 3.   Equation for Success:   Seahawks’ defensive end Cliff Avril gets all up in Manning’s grill & hits his arm [causing a botched pass] +  Seahawks’  linebacker Malcolm Smith being in the right place, at the right time – that seemed to be the case for  the Seahawks the entire game  *side eye* – and intercepting the pass = a 20 yard Seahawks’ touchdown with just under three minutes left to play in the first half.  Nothing like going into the locker room with a 22-0 score at the biggest game of the season (I’m just saying)


4.   Second half of the game opened with Seahawks’ first round pick, Percy Harvin returning a short kick for 87 yards – and a 29-0 score at the start of the third quarter.  Nothing like Special Teams showing their ass too!


 5.  The Whiz running Buffalo Wild Wings’ Twitter account sent this ‘Tweet heard  ’round the Twitterverse”.  Might as well ‘do you’.


6.  Not granting any post-game interviews, Seahawks’  Marshawn Lynch’s postgame locker room dance said it all!  I ask, “what’s a celebration if there’s no Victory Dance“?!


What do you think about Super Bowl XLVIII?

Do Tell ….

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{MAN}day Monday:: The Ohio State Marching Band’s Tribute to Hollywood

Happy Monday Luv-lies,

Hope all is well if your neck of the frozen tundra *smirk. smirk. smile. wink*

With the anticipation of  Super Bowl XLVIII in less than a week, I can’t help but wonder ‘how am I going to get through seven months until the next training camp?’  I know that they’ll be loads of basketball (both, college and pro), hockey, tennis and let’s not forget The Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia {just to name a few}, there’s just nothing that seems to take the place of a good hard-hitting, smash-mouth football game.  Oh well! … one can only wish

I’m thinking that perhaps a look back on one of the spectacular half-time shows from the Ohio State Marching Band    juuuuust might do the trick and put me in a better place about this whole ‘no football for seven month thing’.  I’m sure that you’ll agree.

So, like the announcer in the video says “… grab that box of popcorn and settle down in your seats!  We’re going to the movies!…”

*this may be the best spent 8:49 sec of your day!*  I almost guarantee it!

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{ManDay} Monday:: ‘… you mad, bro’

Good Morning Luv-lies,

This weekend was filled with loads of good stuff to watch on television, don’t you think?  How about the S.A.G. awards – which I have to say, I kind of watch only when I remember and, if I happen to be surfing through the on screen guide *side eye*.

SAG Statue

In case you didn’t tune in, here’s a little (and I mean little) recap: American Hustler won for ‘Outstanding Performance by a Cast in Motion Pictures’, newcomer Lupito Nyongo took won home for ‘Outstanding Female Actor in a Supporting Role’ for ‘Twelve Years a Slave’, and the always delightful, Maggie Smith for ‘Outstanding Female Actor in a Drama Series’ for Downton Abby – just to name a few.  Don’t you find that the most fun in watching these things is, not only finding out if you’ve correctly picked the winners, but also in seeing what (or should I say ‘who’) the celebs are wearing?

This is where I play ‘the Joan Rivers of it all’ and become the fashion police!  I do find that for the most part, my list of the celebs that come ‘dress to the nines’ closely matches The Best Dressed List.  I might have one or two that, either, should be included in the list or should be on The Worst Dressed List.


‘ManDay Monday’  Musings !


And for all of us Sherlock Holmes fans, there is the Season 3 return of our fav sleuth in ‘The Empty Hearse’.  I don’t know about you, but just the title was intriguing enough for me to tune in.  After a two year wait (Yes! I can’t belief that they’ve made us wait two loooong years!) and trying to figure out if/how our beloved Sherlock, faked his death at the conclusion of Season 2, this season’s episode opens with

Holmes about to rise from the grave, in all of his splendor and glory!

Isn’t that what we wanted {and predicted} anyway.

  Needless to say, his bestie, wouldn’t have it any other way {right?}.  Makes me want to say, ‘Hey Watson! Be careful what you wish for’!   And, if, during his two year hiatus,  Sherlock thinks that things have remained the way that he left them, he has another think coming!…. It’s been TWO YEARS after all!!!!


by the episodes end, we find out that –  we are only hearing a theory –  from someone who wishes that the nominal sleuth were still alive!

Ohhhhhh. The delightful. Well written.  World of Sherlock Holmes!

…. More …. ‘ManDay Monday’


Lately, we seem not to be able to get through a week without a story of some ‘bone head’  wagging their damned tongue before putting their brain in gear!  This week’s  Ass that’s on the chopping block::  Reality- TV  ‘The Bachelor’s’  star Juan Pablo Galavis.   This dude has his PR people in overdrive trying to repair/make excuses for and/or, otherwise attempt to minimize the thoughtless Anti-Gay ‘Pervert’ comment that he made in reference to the homosexual community.

If you’re like me, you rather hear it with your own ears! So, listen to the sound bite here.

Want to see it in print?  Read it here.

He says that he meant to say homosexuals are   “…. more affectionate and intense”.  He says that his ‘misuse of the word ‘pervert’ is because he doesn’t have a complete grasp on the English language.  I have just one word.  BULLSH!GG!TY !!!!


What’s a Sunday without Football?!

…. ManDay Monday Madness ….



There were two exciting NFL Playoff games this weekend.  Both games were nail biters, to say the least.  And both were not without their controversy

NFL 2013 week 20 score

but it was the ‘off the hook’ ‘rant heard around the world’ by the Seahawk’s Cornerback, Richard Sherman,  that left sports reporter Erin Andrew, speechless {almost}.

Listen to the Sound Cloud here 

Read the Twitter-verse’s response here

Witness the madness with your own eyes here

Well Luv-lies, I’m fresh out of Men acting badly fodder.

How was your weekend?  Did someone talk about you?  *sarcasm intended*

Do Tell …

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{Man} Day Monday:: The First 49 Covers in Less than 60 seconds

Good Monday Morning Luv-lies,

With the upcoming February 2014 Swimsuit edition, Sports Illustrated will be celebrating its fiftieth coveted cover.  That’s 5-0!  WOW!  Who knew that when German-born Babette March appeared on the first cover in  January 1964– standing on the sandy beaches of Cozumel –  that annually, men would be waiting in uncontained anticipation for a glance of the magazines newest buxom bathing beauty?

So here it goes …. 49 years of Cover Beauties in less than a minute….

sports illustrated cover gif