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iNspIRation: WorkOut *Bling*

Good Morning Lu-lies,

The temperature here has been dropping daily *yikes*.

Being a  ‘hot weather person’, I thought that having to bring my running game inside would cause me to lose interest, but, so far it has not happened !!!!

I am certain that my perception of fall/winter running is probably not as bad as I think  the monsters in my mind have me tripping over pebbles, running too far and not having enough energy to run back, running out of water, having to stop to use the restroom – and not having one readily available…. 

But until I conquer the crazies, I’m inside.

In my efforts to be proactive about this whole staying focused thing, I’ve decided to go trolling for some new fitness gear.  Hey You, no judgment 🙂 … a girl’s gotta have a reason to shop, right?

This is what I found    *some of it is sparkly*

This little gem is probably not practical, but I do luv the *bling*, *bling*.  This is some kinda of special if you luv to sparkle while you sweat.  Not to mention being a sucker for glitz!

sparkle nike

Found this really cool hand stamped necklace.  This piece is great as a gift for a personal trainer or as an inspiration for the newbie – like me!

fitness jewelry

Running the 5K inspired me to work toward running a half marathon next year…. YES!!

The plan is to run, at least one, half marathon.  *throwing confetti in the air for inspiration* .  Perhaps this little baby will keep me inspired and less focused on the craziness of this new found goal. 

half marathon crazy

I figure that with all of this training, I’m going to need something to rock all of those medals.  What do you think?

medal display

I reeeallly ❤ the crown on this one… a lot

medal display1

Well Luv-lies,  this shopping spree could go on forever, so I think I’ll stop with these rocking pieces.

So, what inspires you?

Do Tell…

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Party In Pink Zumbathon… For Breast Cancer… Starts in 2 Hours!!!

It’s October and that means loads of Pink and lots of opportunities to raise funds and awareness for Breast Cancer!
I’m excited this morning!

I’ve been awake for the last two hours reading myself for
#PartyInPink Zumbathon.

It’s going to be a wonderful workout for a wonderful cause. It’s October and that means loads of Pink and lots of opportunities to raise funds and awareness for Breast Cancer!

I’ve started out  with this wonderful breakfast!  First time sautéing the apples in raspberry and chocolate vinegar…. they smell wonderful.  We’ll see how they taste 🙂


I Tweeted this deliciousness before devouring it!!!!

…..  they smell wonderful….. We’ll see how they taste 🙂

Of course you have to have Gear!

I’m on my way!!!

You know that there’s a post to come….

Are you doing something for Breast Cancer Awareness?

Do Tell…..

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One Down! … Many More to Go!!!

Helloooo Luv-ies,

Great News this morning!
Yesterday I Finished My First Official 5K Race!!!

I started training a couple of months ago with the intent on running the race earlier than now, but that didn’t work out.  I joined a running team from the fitness center where I work out, and with great hope – much trepidation – started the training program.  The first training day was followed by many more, with the team convening once a week, to review and implement the weekly workouts that we each received via email.

After three weeks, I had to drop out of the team practices, but I continued with the e-mailed training program on my own.  I was determined to successfully run a 5K before the weather turned cold.  Well, Labor Day came and went, and I did not run the race, with my team mates, but I continued to train for a race that would come to mean much more.

As the weeks passed with repeated speed work and strength training workouts, I selected a race that had great significance to me.  I decided on a local race called ‘Hero Palooza’ – A Bike Tour, 5K Run/Walk & Family Festival Crab Feast.  The mission/vision of the organization is to restore hope to Leukemia patients and their families by increasing bone marrow registrants, providing nutritious meals, and supporting blood cancer research.

And so, I registered….


After a good night’s sleep, I arose the morning of the race early. Registration was scheduled to start at 8:30am and I did not want to be late… it’s my first race, after all!

Because my stomach tends to be temperamental, I decided that I would have a glass of orange juice and a bottle of water. I’d see how I felt once I got there….

One last once over and prayer for a successful (and uneventful) run, I was on my way…

As a very young girl, I lost my younger Brother, Kenneth ‘Kenny’ to Leukemia.  This race is my way of honoring him and celebrating his heroic fight to beat this disease.

Once I arrived, I snapped a picture of the welcome sign and sent one – of many – Tweets dedicating this race to my HeroPalooza Brother and celebrating my participation


I was very early arriving but it didn’t seem matter to these ladies. It was so refreshing to be greeted by these smiling faces. They were extremely helpful during the registration process. Being a newbie, I had loads of questions. None of which seemed to be too silly for them. Thank You Ladies … you only get to be a newbie once!


Even though my stomach was not completely settled (it had to be nerves), I grabbed a couple bottles of water and some fruit.  My race, the 5K, was not scheduled to start for another hour and a half, so I thought I’d put something on this nervous stomach


Finally it was time to get warmed up. That meant that in twenty minutes, I would be running my first official 5K race! !Woo Hoo!

The warm up was lead by one of the instructors from the fitness center that I belong.  The energy was electric and the enthusiasm contagious.

One last pose before the start of the race. Thank You to the willing stranger that I snagged to take this pic.

Note to self – take someone with you so that they can be the unofficial photographer of all of my madness

The next time I see this display, it will have the ‘Finish’ banner in place


The run was great! The road was mostly flat. That was a good thing…

the temperature was close to eighty degrees by the time the race started. That made the road hot and the air hotter… not used to that!

Another note to self – train in all types of weather and humidity levels.

I’m a 5K WINNER!!!

Thirty One minutes Later….

I felt elated! I’ve definitely caught the bug!

There will be many more races to come!

Stay tuned for more races!

What goal have you reached this summer?
Do Tell….

I am Woman....Roar!

A Letter To All My Superwomen….

superwoman (1)

   Hello Luv-lies,

     How’s life and things been with you guys?  Hope that this week is seeing less of you =) .  I’ve been following my running plan in preparation for my upcoming  [did I say 1st] C25K   race.   And have finally broken this 4 months yes!! four f#%king months !!!!  plateau thingy that I’ve been stressing over! 

     Can’t help but share my thoughts on an animated conversation that I overheard , this past week, by a group of women who had just completed their morning workout.  

     The conversation was centered mostly around  ‘trying to  fit eighty hours into the allotted twenty-four hours that make up the usual day…’.    The question poised was ‘ with the challenges of family, religious, work and community obligations, when is there time for today’s woman to take care of herself…’?

     I wonder if any of these women know that according to The Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 66% of women with children 17 or younger work full- or part-time.  And that the research done by Linda Babcock, which she published in a study entitled, “Women Don’t Ask“, reported that full-time working women do over 33 hours of domestic chores a week…  With all of the hats that we wear seemingly all at one time, Soccer Mom, Domestic Diva, Paula Professional, BFF, etc., it’s no wonder that we feel like Super Women!  

Because the cost of being a Super Women may be far too high – health, time, stress, personal and financial well-being – it goes without saying that finding that ever-so-elusive balance is imperative.  

     Until we have found that balance, I would like to share this ‘letter of the month’ written by Marina Aleksintser  in Fitness Rx Magazine, that is a sort of an Ode to the Super Women::

“….so here is what i have learned to be true about every woman. j Although they find it easy to believe in other people’s talents and abilities, they often have difficulty believing in their own.  They are eager for knowledge and how-tos on how to master the juggling act of family, career, taking care of themselves.  But the truth is, at the core, we just want to know we’ve got what it takes and that we are superwomen, even when our capes are being dry-cleaned.  We are looking for connections, acknowledgements and assurance that we are on the right path and that we do have what it takes to reach all the personal and professional success – whatever that looks like for us…. [we] feel validated, inspired and empowered….”

After all, isn’t validation, inspiration and empowerment a pretty powerful trio of allies to have?

I’d luv to hear your thoughts,  Luv-lies?

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It’s All About…. Perspective


Good Morning Luv-lies,
I’m coming off of a long weekend – ‘Thank goodness for holidays’. How was your holiday weekend?

I spent time, attending an honorary tribute to our veterans… a very sentimental and emotionally rewarding experience.
But now, it’s back to the daily grind. It’s funny how the principles and practices that are taught in the WW meeting reallllly are applicable to our everyday life and experiences. Earlier today, I was in earshot of a conversation that an individual was having with herself. …. Come on now, you know there are times that you’ve had a serious pow-wow with self … *wink wink*. What I actually overheard was the tail-end of her self-conversation. It went something like this, …. ‘I have such a short attention span.’ To which I spontaneously replied, “well, one thing that you can say is that, you are never bored”. Between a contagious chestershire cat grin she replied….’ I like that perspective better.’

I walked away – feeling good about making someone else feel good – thinking, ‘funny, this is what we talked about on Sunday during our weekly WW meeting…’
As you well know, this weeks topic centers around what one can do when food is not enough? We learned that one strategy that can be used is called ‘reframing’. We talked about activities that can be employed to substitute for eating, but I still pondered, ‘just what is reframing and how does that work? …. you know… on a brain level? So I do what I always do when I am curious and want just a litttttle bit more information, ‘googled it up’.
This is what I found:

*I’ll try not to turn this into a lecture…because, who the heck needs that, right?*

So what is this idea of ‘reframing’ and how can I make it work on my journey to a more fit and healthy self?  During my reading,  I found that ‘reframing’ is really about perspective and giving something a more positive ‘spin’ *if you will* According to ‘the experts’, one of the most important and useful principles for managing change relates to the notion of positive intention – you know, looking at things as, half full. When you operate from a perspective of positivity, you are able to envision more choices and options for satisfying an undesirable/unwanted behavior.

In a word (or two or three)… focusing on the positive aspects. A positive perspective focuses on one’s strength… and being looked as a strong is always a good thing…

Here’s the part of the program that we taught about techniques a.k.a. “okay. It sounds all well and good, but how do I make this reframing thing work?

And the Top 4 List is::

4 – Identify the problem ….. ‘what do you want to change?’ Pay attention to images and/or feelings about the ‘thing’ that you’re trying to change
3 – Understand the motivation…..‘the why of it all’
2 – Brainstorm Solutions…’ K.I.S.S.. – ‘keep it simple sexy’ –
This is where you get to use your more creative side. don’t overwhelm yourself. Keep the list to three alternatives to using food.
1 – Use positive terminology…. your terminology gives you a different perspective

….class dismissed…. *smile* *wink*
What techniques do you use to reframe (and refrain from emotional overeating) when food is not enough?
Do tell…..

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My Feet are not Sandal Worthy

Last week was craaaaaazy busy.  Crazy weeks certainly have a way of robbing of us of time. Don’t you think?  And what is it about this time of year that makes us rip and run around like headless chickens?
I wake up in the morning and hit the ground running.  I rushed off to work only to rush through the day.  Hop in the car.  Kick over the engine.  Zoom into traffic….and….sit.  and.  wait.  The physical stillness does not stop my, already overloaded mind from continuing to race.
To where?  The finish line?  Do we ever reach it?- The finish line?
Right now, I’m a little tired of racing around.  Trying to meet some imaginary ‘finish line’.
I’ve drawn my line in the sand.  If only for today.  There is one thing that I had to attend to *I’ve neglected it for farrrrr too long*
{via::special thanx}
My feet were in major need of a pedicure!  Now I knew that if my tootsies resembled ancient roman stone, my very, very busy friends, who I affectionately refer to as my ‘Sistah Friends’, are also walking around on stone feet!
Although we’d luv to have our tootsies done by some…say…celebrity tennis star,  us ‘everyday gals’ headed to our favorite foot magician!  *we really luv her economic pricing*
Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. What treatment should we select off of the menu?
Some years ago,  I read an article about something called ‘the fish pedicure’ with Garra Rufa fish.  They’re suppose to nibble away the dead skin.
Only one of my ‘sistah friends’ decided to be adventurous and give it a try.  Iccck!
She said that, initially, it tickled.  But after a while, it was quite soothing….
…three of us passed…
… and opted, instead, for this soothingly fragrant cranberry-scented flower foot bath {similar to the one pictured below}.  Immediately, I was transported to some Polynesian resort *in my mind, anyway*
….while the last ‘sistah friend’ decided for the citrusy pleasures a warmed lemon foot bathe.
The aromas were irrestible!

I’ve fallen for the ‘soft pink’ lacquers from the OPI and Essie collection.  Somewhere, I read that they are the same company.  *I don’t know*.  But what I do know is that I luv, luv, luv the soft colours!

voile’. finished! magic!

I opted for this delicate bejeweled french manicure…
and my ‘sistah friends’ opted for a more colourful presentation….
LuV It!

and when it was all over, we donned our pointed winkle-picker stilettoes and rushed right over to the nearest tapas restaurant….

Hey Luv-lie,
How was your weekend?
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Weight Watchers … The Weigh I See It


A little over four months ago, after spending many, many years fighting the physical and (more difficult) mental   ‘Battle of the Bulge’.   I had decided that ‘enough was enough’!  No more starting with renewed hope that seemed to come to the same defeated end.   The craziest thing of it all is that, as a child and up to my college years, there were a couple of things that I just didn’t know about this whole weight thing.  You see, during those years a was a itty-bitty  little thing.  Not doing anything deliberate to maintain a weight that often times didn’t top 110 pounds, my days were filled mostly with family, fun and academics  *with a smattering of minimal wage jobs*.

Not once did I realize (or know) that mankind had long before, declared  a relentless war on fat.  Or at least on being fat.  *It’s funny how being socialized exposes you to the hypocrisies of being ‘civilized’ … but this ain’t that type of blog …yawn *

War of Fat

  Then came the assault of the college experience (I mean that, mostly lovingly. *smile*) and the  beauty, enchantment and hope that comes with having a child.  Fast forward twenty- something plus – more years than I’d like to disclose.  That brings me just about to …. now!

Well, actually to that day when I literally said, “… enough is enough”!  I awoke that morning completely unaware that by the days end I would have a renewed weight loss goal.  And although year after year, I was one of those millions of people who was  “… going to finally lose this weight!  Once and for All!” , there was something different about this time.  *right.  we’ve all said heard that before. right?* .


This time it felt different.  This time I had a quiet resolve that spear-headed me into immediate action!  By the end of the day, I had re-enrolled in a fitness center and completed my online enrollment to the world of Weight Watchers!

I had officially declared war on this excess baggage!  And I was planning a coupe!!!  And so this New Year began.  Not with a resolution.  But with an INSPIRATION!

To date I am down 22 pounds!!  These first four months have been a re-commitment to four to five cardio workouts in the fitness center.  Right now, mostly Zumba * I’m a newby at this*.  My plan in to add some strength classes *did this before.  very early in my high school and through my twenties.  Don’t know why I gave that up!*.    I also have plans to add a little ‘flavor’ in the form of  flexibility classes  *read – Yoga.  Did this before.  Loved it.  Again, can figure out why I ever gave it up!*  You see, unlike most women that I’ve talked to – or overheard- talk about their weight loss challenges, I love going to the gym!  I love working out!  I don’t have to be coerced, blackmailed and/or bribed into getting a good cardio workout in…. it’s the eating piece that I find MOST challenging!

I haven’t been able, so far, to figure out why it is sooooo challenging for me to resist overeating.  I know, I know!  I’d be a millionaire if I could unravel this secret.  Then I wouldn’t have to worry about the weight – I’d just have it cut off! *can you taste the snark?  Pun intended* .  One thing that I do feel is that it takes more than willpower, hope,  and wishing to have success reaching this goal.  Which brings me to my next thought.  One thing that I did have to come to grips with is that this is not a temporary project – a dress size and/or an occasion.

My mindset this time.

In order for me to be truly successful, this goal has to be a lifestyle change.

A journey.

Not a destination.


And with that.  I got off of the weight loss rollercoaster!

So why the Weight Watchers Program?

While I haven’t tried every weight and diet program out there…  You can say that I’m a bit of a skeptic!… Okay.  A BIG skeptic!  Lots of years ago, in my twenties- somethings,  I tried the Weight Watchers’ Program.  Looking back, I must say that I was not fully committed to the program – the only thing that I can blame it on is  the immaturity  that is Youth!  So, I must admit that,  I didn’t reallllllllly work the program.  Back then, I wasn’t into sitting in the meeting – *E-Tools wasn’t around*.  Not to mention the number game – figuring out how many carbs, fibers, fats, proteins!!  *Who the heck had time for that?! Not me!*    Well over the years, I’ve gotten wiser and more particular with what I want from a program that will put my on the road to a healthier lifestyle.  And because I am twenty-something plus, suffice to say that, I have seen my share of weight loss  promises  programs come and go.  And , you pretty much know where I’m going with this ….

The Weight Watchers’ Program has been an ever present force to be reckoned with in the world of the ‘Battle of the Bulge’.  I’ve watched the program change to meet the needs of its members.

hey kid_ I luv those glasses

~   e-tools makes getting  meeting information easier  *although I do advocate getting to a meeting as much as possible.  The human factor is sooooo worth it*.   Heck, It makes getting a whole lot information downright easier.  From point tracking, informative articles, program information to having an entire online community that is always willing to assist you along this journey.  I can’t imagine that it can get any better.  But I know that it will.  Weight Watchers seems to have that ability to realllllllly listen to us!  And the result is a program that  *at least for me….. and a whole lot of others – around the world – practically hands you success!  *on a tasteful platter, I might add*

~   the math is so much simpler.  I love that, depending upon each individuals personal information, you are assigned a Daily Points Plus Target (DPT).

~  the gurus in their scientific division have I’m sure painstakingly assigned every food a  Point Value!  Why is that important.  Why!  No more trying to figure out how many carbs/fibers/proteins/fats!  Just look up the food and…. voile’!  You know the Points Plus Value (PPV)!  Simple!

~  there are several different ways to jump start your program.  You chose how you want to get started.  Don’t, yet, understand how the whole PPV thing works, try ‘The Simple Start’ approach.  Your journey.  Your way!

~  for the member, who, like me doesn’t have to have a fire lit under her; in order to get her workouts in, they’ve created Activity Points and an effective fitness tool,  that helps to remind and encourage you to ‘keep it movin’ ‘

~  you still have your weekly weigh-in’s   *well you need something to keep you accountable.  right?*  And, unlike the days of old, the weigh-ins are much more private .No more of the humiliating standing in line where everyone and there brother can see ‘your number’ …. * I’m channeling the scene in Sex In The City where Miranda’s weight was announced, and loudly, throughout the meeting.  Urrgh!*

These are just a few of the great changes that have been made.  It makes it almost a ‘no-brainer’

I think that at this point your probably thinking  “…. surely she is getting paid to say all of this stuff about the Weight Watchers Program…”!

 And the answer is…..!


empty pockets

So why the shameless plug then?

Because, I truly believe in the basic philosophy of the program :



For me, this journey is about::

~   making wise choices …. most of the time.

~   Being authentic and transparent with myself.

~  Learning to accept my role in living unhealthily these last twenty-something plus years and having the courage to face this journey – head on!

~   Stepping up and being accountable without guilt and/or shame.

~  Knowing that I will be will armed with tSohe tools necessary to overcome the  *many*  setbacks, obstacles and challenges along the road.  And let’s just continue to be honest, here.  They will rear their ugly heads.  Soon enough.  *side-eye*.

~  Finding self-acceptance and self-forgiveness whenever  I falter during this journey.

~  Knowing when to ask for assistance.  And when to give it.

~  Being able to live life to my full potential void of the guilt and burden of feeling that my body is not a true reflection of the spirit that lives within it

For me the program is not a diet.  It’s much more personal than that.  It is a way healthy way of life.  It is not a rigid ‘Do It My Way’ formula.

But a program that allows each member to find, within the framework of the program,  their own successes while on this journey to a healthier lifestyle.

It is a program that, like me, it dynamic.  Always evolving.  Not so that I can be a different Me.  More so that I can be the best Me.

Because of this, I am choosing this space in my blog,  to every week dedicate a post to the celebration of the making of The Best Me.  And because the Weight Watchers program has from the onset of this journey,  been very instrumental in grounding me, I have decided to use it as the backdrop.

This is My Journey.  My Experience.  My Story.


So. This is My Official Disclaimer regarding this:  

be shameless

No I am not a paid employee and/or affiliate of the Weight Watchers Program.  I am in no way, shape or form receiving gifts, and/or compensation (monetary or otherwise) as a result of these posts.  What I will not do is, knowingly, share program information that is otherwise available to those members who have satisfied the monetary obligation necessary for enrollment in the program.

Well.  While we’re at it …. you should know ….

 All content herein is my own. All articles, photos, and graphics are my own unless otherwise sourced.  Please do not copy, re-post, or alter my content in any way without my express permission and a credit/link back to the original work. If you feel that I have not properly credited your articles, photos or graphics, please feel free to contact me and I will gladly rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Okay.  Now That’s done.  *whew*

  Although I do aspire to, one day, become a Weight Watchers Program Leader  *because giving back is the highest form of appreciation.  That’s what I feel.  Don’t you?*, for now, I am a grateful active member who wishes to share her successes with all those who offer an audience.

This is My Weight Watchers.

My Journey. 

My Experience. 

My Story.

Enjoy the journey!

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What’s #261 Got to do with the Boston Marathon?


running = quality time

Twenty-four hours from now, I  will be joining loads of fans/viewers that will be watching the coveted Boston Marathon 2013.  From its humble beginnings, the Boston Marathon has become one, of just a few races,  that are the barometer of elite marathon races.  This is a race that welcomes everyone from the first-time marathoner to the most elite runners in the world.

   With so much diversity in the level of runner who enters this much lauded race, it’s hard to imagine that there was a time (during its humble beginnings) that the marathon was a ‘Men’s Only’ race.

Women runners can thank Katherine Switzer for being able to participate in this great race!!

first female boston marathoner

first female boston marathoner

Here’s an inspiring video ::

Hat’s off  to You Katherine Switzer!!!

What’s Your Fitness Plans This Weekend?

Do Tell…..


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Hello Blogosphere …. {now what?}

This blog is a space where I’ve  decided to share the musings of being a  Fabulously

Fifty-ish Babe with P(lenty),  H(ips) A(nd) T(highs) living a fit, healthy life-style while giving this aging thing a run for its money!!!!

As much as I would love to be surrounded by personal trainers, professional chefs and a well-equipped private fitness center, the reality for me –  like most of us –  is that’s just no in the cards.   I  will have more than my share of  challenges, slip ups and let downs that will intrude, overwhelm and otherwise, entice me to forgo my commitment to an all around healthier lifestyle, the plan is to stay on tract – or, in for the times that I fall off of the wagon- get back on track)

 The question, I’ve found,  is not so much how to avoid the assaults.  But, rather, how to make wiser and healthier choices in the face of these daily assaults.  Thank goodness that the good news is that I have choices  (and…. as I’ve always said to – my beautiful daughter – “… You always have choices.  They may not be the one’s that you want, but you always have them….” =)

 So, in my attempt to hold myself accountable for living a more well-rounded,  healthier  lifestyle, I’ve created this blog that I’d like to share with you.

 And, because I’m more than my workout & what I  eat – I’ve added a smattering of things that make up the ‘ whole’ me.

* as far as I see it, that is always a GREAT choice ! *

Stop by often … because I enjoy your company.

Next time bring a friend … because I believe that the more the merrier

And remember to leave a comment …. because it’s like the proverbial apple pie

images (16)

…… low-fat , of course

P.S. :: Oh yes. About the avatar.

As you can see, I’m neither a red-head or a White Woman. But I love this artist’s style. Only, He hasn’t drawn any pictures of a bald-head Black Woman. ❤