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{M}is en Place: #AtoZChallenge 2016



The first time that I heard these words was while watching the Food Network’s ‘Worst Cooks in America‘.  *I told you that I am in  love all of the cooking shows*.   After first, learning how to correctly pronouncing the darn word! – {MEES in plause}…… Thank You Siri.  

About this strange word. It’s French. It’s used primarily in culinary speak.  It looks nothing like the way it’s spelled  *I guess that’s the ‘French-ness’ off it all*.   And, it translates literally to “Everything in place”.  In practice it means that, before a dish is prepared, all the ingredients, supplies, and appliances needed are in one space.

Here are a few examples :






Although used in the world of food, I bet if  I use this whole mis en place principle in other aspects of my life,  I’ll, at most, be super organized and at least, be very spicy!

What in your life can benefit from. ‘ being in it’s place’?

Do tell…..

Next.  The Letter  {N



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