Friday {Facebook}, My Facebook

Friday {FaceBook} is Born!!!

Happy Friday Luv-lies!!!

I’ve got some really fascinating people, organizations and groups on Facebook that I ‘Follow‘.

Yesterday, while perusing My Facebook Page,

hello.iamphat facebook page


I thought it would be nice to feature some of your great posts, pictures and inspirations that cross my newsfeed.

And so,  *drum roll puh-leez* ….

 ‘Friday {FaceBook} is born!!

friday facebook logo

So what can you expect?  A weekly round-up of a few of the musings from:

My Facebook Newsfeed

Direct Posts from You on My Facebook Page 

Posts From The Pages that ‘I Follow’

Posts From Groups that ‘I Follow’


These beautiful pictures of  ‘Awesome Onion Art’  were featured on the pages of Architecture and Design’s Page




This exquisite display of food styling was in my newsfeed from the Facebook page of  ‘The Rambling Epicure, Mastering the Act of Food Writing’


The Body Department’s Facebook Page featured this challenging AB workout!!!


I’d love to feature your posts, on this blog!  So go!  Right now.  ‘LIKE ME’  if you haven’t already done so.

Remember to leave a comment and/or post on MY PAGE.


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