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{M}iniature Garden…. #AtoZChallenge2014

Here’s to Day #14 of the #AtoZChallenge2014

…. The Letter {M}!

…. Is for {M}iniature Garden …


… and sew it is…


Luv-lines in a shell



 {M}iniature succulence


I want to sit here


… a luv-lie little fairy tale… in {M}iniature

What {M}iniature delights do you covet?

Do Tell ….


The Letter ‘N’

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The {L}BD……#AtoZChallenge2014

Here’s to Day #12  of the #AtoZChallenge2014

…. The Letter  {L}!

and a Salute to THE {L}ittle Black Dress

aka The {L}BD

Irresistable!  The {L}BD

The {L}BD


… with a little .Pink



Growing up, it was ingrained in my psyche what every young woman needed to be prepared for that unexpected invitation – a pair of elegant heels and aThe “{L}ittle Black Dress”  or {L}BD. The The “{L}ittle Black Dress” was, and still is, considered essential to a complete wardrobe. Many women and fashion observers believe it a “rule of fashion” that every woman should own a simple, but elegant black dress that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Every woman I know has an {L}BD that can be worn with a jacket and pumps for daytime business wear or with more elaborate jewelry, fancy shoes and accessories for an evening affair.

... ala CASUAL

… ala CASUAL

The “{L}ittle Black Dress” is also worn as a sign of belonging and as a sign of individuality, as a way to conceal and as a way to be noticeable. It is the most trusted staple in a woman’s closet.

Sometimes theThe “{L}ittle Black Dress”  has a function other than evening elegance or the daytime boardroom. It has been known to be used by many a femme fatale for the sole purpose of seducing men. And of course, most women have at least one of those in their closets.

{Hello} Audrey ...

{Hello} Audrey …

Now according to the urban dictionary,The “{L}ittle Black Dress”  is the dress that is just a little too short. Just a little too tight. One that hugs curves you never knew you had. One that looks as if it was made for your body; and your body only. One that makes you feel sexy the second you put it on.


…just a {L}ittle Black Something Something

{L}BD with a {L}ittle Fringe....  Yep!.

{L}BD with a {L}ittle Fringe….

It has to be simple. All black, no buttons, no ornamentation. Plain black. The exhibition of this The “{L}ittle Black Dress” is only used for one reason and the woman wearing it knows its full potency by the stare of her target.

Ohhhh LaLa

Ohhhh LaLa

Still, every young woman should own one elegant  “{L}ittle Black Dress”.  The kind that will take you to the boardroom and not someone’s bedroom.

... That's Right!  Luv! The LBD!!!

… That’s Right! Luv! The LBD!!!

You know that you have one!

Post a pic of  you sporting your  “{L}ittle Black Dress” in the Comment Section…

Do Tell…..

'Nuf Said!!!

‘Nuf Said!!!


The Letter ‘M

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{K}eep {K}alm…. #AtoZChallenge2014

Good Morning Luv-lies,

I do Luv Saturday

Nested between the rowdy happenings of  TGIF and soothing restfulness of Sunday, Saturday is a day of trying to get it all done!

Here’s to Day #11  of the #AtoZChallenge2014

…. The Letter  {K }!

Because I’m declaring today, This Saturday, as

{K}eep {K}alm Saturday

keep calm saturday

What’s on your Saturday ‘to do’ List?

Do Tell….

Tomorrow.  The Letter ‘L’

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Get {J}iggy with It! …. #AtoZChallenge2014

Happy Friday! Luv-lies,

Not only is it TGIF,


Day #10  of the #AtoZChallenge2014

…. and { J } is the Letter of the Day!

This week has been mentally exhausting!  Grinding! Grueling! Craziness and lunacy acted out to the Nth power (+1) !

 Nothing {J}ovial about it. Mostly.

Totally dis{J}ointed!!!

No {J}oking!!!


The Happy just started!!!

It’s the WEEKEND!!!


Tomorrow.  The Letter ‘K

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{I}ntensely color- {I}nfused {I}rises …. #AtoZChallenge2014

Day #9  of the #AtoZChallenge2014

The Letter ‘I’

Because of the work that I do, I spend a good deal of my day peering into the eyes of colleagues and clients.   I have found that I have yet to grow weary of the colour – this part of the eye is called the {I}ris-  of the many eyes that I am privy to gaze into.  Lots of years and even more {I}rises later, I have come to be very comfortable looking someone in the {I}rises of anyone willing to make contact.  I’ve also noted that, when I meet someone either for the first time or someone whom I recognize, the first thing that I do is to look them dead square in the {I}ris- because I’ve found that I remember people by their {I}rises.

Here is a peek into the some of the beauty that you can find when you {I} gaze.  *I’ve used pictures of ‘Little Ones’ because it is my hope that the pix have not been retouched*















Tomorrow, The Letter J

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{H}ump Day {H}aPpiNesS!!!… #AtoZChallenge2014

Guess What Day it is?

Day #8  of the #AtoZChallenge2014

*Oh Yes!!!  ….. it’s {H}uuuump Daaaaay!*


The first word that came to mind when I thought about today’s challenge letter is

The Word….


{H}appiness is an easy enough concept to grasp, but a truly elusive state to sustain.

{H}appiness is: {H}opeful.  {H}onest.  {H}uge. {H}ealthy.

{H}eartfelt.  {H}onor.  {H}umble.  {H}ospitable. {H}ypnotic.



  Remember THIS  {H}appy Song!!


I hope that you fill your days with {H}appy.

Because I’ve……



Just a little {H}appy for Your Soul……

if you want to be happy be leo tolstoy copy



peanut happy

Find Your {H}aPpY and Don’t let go!!!

Tomorrow. The Letter ‘I’

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The {G}entlemanly way to eat a {G}loriously, {G}ooey cupcakes … #AtoZChallenge2014

Good Morning Luv-lies,

Day #7  of the #AtoZChallenge2014

Today’s letter is  *drumroll puh-leez*

The Letter ‘G’

 I really enjoy a decadent cupcake.  You know.  One that is moist, amazing on the eyes, fun and whimsical and, of course flavorful.

I’m not picky when it comes to the topping.   Fondant.  Buttercream.  Whip Cream.  Nothing at all {although this is not as fun as eating them with a topping}.

I luv ’em!

… the challenge.  eating one without your nose & fingers becoming part of the meal.  Right?.

The arrival finally  of the warm days of spring is a signal for me that the ‘Pastry Season’ is underway.  Yessssss! *fist pump*

I wish that I had this slightly {G}oofy, but effective, demonstration long before now.

I could have been eating my {G}loriously, {G}ooey cupcakes like a {G}entleman without fretting about buttercream on my LBD 


…. it works for .Pink cupcakes, too ….


pink cupcakes

Tomorrow …. The Letter ‘H’

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{F}arm to Table …. Supporting {F}armers, {F}amilies & Communities through {F}ood…. #AtoZChallenge2014

Hello Luv-lies,  How was everyone’s weekend?

The weather was pretty nice

Day #6  of the #AtoZChallenge2014

The Letter ‘F’

{F}arm to Table

The general concept and mission of {F}arm to Table  is to help local farms thrive, link {F}armers to markets and supporters, and build healthy communities through connections to local {F}ood. The mission can/is achieved through (but not limited to) providing support and training to area {F}armers, connecting {F}armers to area chefs and foodservice buyers and spearheading local food campaigns.

The premise is based on the idea that, “when communities pay closer attention to where their {F}ood is grown and how it reaches their table, and,  people re-discover the “localness” of all that’s around them, {F}ood suddenly has a sense of place.  {F}arms and restaurants build close relationships, strengthening their local economies and forging new cultural identities for their communities … all based on {F}ood …”




What’s your {F}arm to Table experience?

…. do Tell ….

Tomorrow … The Letter ‘G’

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secret fore- {E}dge paintings…. #AtoZChallenge2014

Day #5  of the #AtoZChallenge2014

The Letter ‘E’

 fore-{E}dge painting, believed to date back to the 1650s, is the artful technique of hiding a painting on the {E}dge of a book.  There are two basic forms: (1)  paintings on the  {E}dges of a book’s leaf, that, reveals the fine work of the artist’s rendering when the pages are fanned and, (2) paintings on the {E}dges of a closed book’s pages. In the closed book form, because the painting is on the closed {E}dge itself  the book’s leaf do not need to be fanned to view the artwork.


Winter by Robert Mudie / Special Collections & University Archives at the University of Iowa

The intrigue of the first form is that the fanned painting is one that is not visible when the book is closed.  Another basic difference is that a painting on the closed {E}dge is painted directly on the surface of the book {E}dge.

For the fanned painting the paint is applied to the top or bottom margin of the book’s leaf and not to the actual “fore”- {E}dge itself.

View the beauty of  the art fore-{E}dge painting demonstrated in the videos below:



The above two forms are the most common forms of fore – {E}dge, this is another form where, the book’s leaf are doubled fore-{E}dge paintings, where a different image can be seen by flipping the book over and fanning the pages in the opposite direction.

…. I do so much luv art.  Don’t you?

…. Do tell …

Monday … The Letter ‘F’


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{D}isney Princesses … #AtoZChallenge2014

Day #4  of the #AtoZChallenge2014

The Letter ‘D’

Ever wonder what 10 Famous Feminist Role Models look like if they were drawn as  {D}oe-eyed {D}isney Princesses?


~ 1~ Princess Marie Curie

disney marie curie

~ 2~  Princess Harriet Tubman

disney harriet tubman

~ 3 ~  Princess Ruth Bader Ginsberg

disney ruth bader ginsburg


~ 4 ~  Princess Gloria Steinem

disney gloria steinem


~ 5 ~ Princess Malala Yousafzai

disney malala yousafzai


~ 6 ~ Princess Rosa Parks

disney rosa parks


~ 7 ~ Princess Susan B. Anthony

disney susan b anthony


~ 8 ~ Princess Anne Frank

disney ann frank


~ 9 ~  Princess Jane Goodall

disney jane goodall


~ 10 ~   Princess Hillary Clinton

disney hillary_0



Gotta Luv these 10 Real World Princesses Who look {D}andy with a little {D}isney  {D}azzle!



Learn more about this artist


Tomorrow … The Letter ‘E’