#ManDayMonday, Man-Day Monday

{ManDay} Monday:: ‘… you mad, bro’

Good Morning Luv-lies,

This weekend was filled with loads of good stuff to watch on television, don’t you think?  How about the S.A.G. awards – which I have to say, I kind of watch only when I remember and, if I happen to be surfing through the on screen guide *side eye*.

SAG Statue

In case you didn’t tune in, here’s a little (and I mean little) recap: American Hustler won for ‘Outstanding Performance by a Cast in Motion Pictures’, newcomer Lupito Nyongo took won home for ‘Outstanding Female Actor in a Supporting Role’ for ‘Twelve Years a Slave’, and the always delightful, Maggie Smith for ‘Outstanding Female Actor in a Drama Series’ for Downton Abby – just to name a few.  Don’t you find that the most fun in watching these things is, not only finding out if you’ve correctly picked the winners, but also in seeing what (or should I say ‘who’) the celebs are wearing?

This is where I play ‘the Joan Rivers of it all’ and become the fashion police!  I do find that for the most part, my list of the celebs that come ‘dress to the nines’ closely matches The Best Dressed List.  I might have one or two that, either, should be included in the list or should be on The Worst Dressed List.


‘ManDay Monday’  Musings !


And for all of us Sherlock Holmes fans, there is the Season 3 return of our fav sleuth in ‘The Empty Hearse’.  I don’t know about you, but just the title was intriguing enough for me to tune in.  After a two year wait (Yes! I can’t belief that they’ve made us wait two loooong years!) and trying to figure out if/how our beloved Sherlock, faked his death at the conclusion of Season 2, this season’s episode opens with

Holmes about to rise from the grave, in all of his splendor and glory!

Isn’t that what we wanted {and predicted} anyway.

  Needless to say, his bestie, wouldn’t have it any other way {right?}.  Makes me want to say, ‘Hey Watson! Be careful what you wish for’!   And, if, during his two year hiatus,  Sherlock thinks that things have remained the way that he left them, he has another think coming!…. It’s been TWO YEARS after all!!!!


by the episodes end, we find out that –  we are only hearing a theory –  from someone who wishes that the nominal sleuth were still alive!

Ohhhhhh. The delightful. Well written.  World of Sherlock Holmes!

…. More …. ‘ManDay Monday’


Lately, we seem not to be able to get through a week without a story of some ‘bone head’  wagging their damned tongue before putting their brain in gear!  This week’s  Ass that’s on the chopping block::  Reality- TV  ‘The Bachelor’s’  star Juan Pablo Galavis.   This dude has his PR people in overdrive trying to repair/make excuses for and/or, otherwise attempt to minimize the thoughtless Anti-Gay ‘Pervert’ comment that he made in reference to the homosexual community.

If you’re like me, you rather hear it with your own ears! So, listen to the sound bite here.

Want to see it in print?  Read it here.

He says that he meant to say homosexuals are   “…. more affectionate and intense”.  He says that his ‘misuse of the word ‘pervert’ is because he doesn’t have a complete grasp on the English language.  I have just one word.  BULLSH!GG!TY !!!!


What’s a Sunday without Football?!

…. ManDay Monday Madness ….



There were two exciting NFL Playoff games this weekend.  Both games were nail biters, to say the least.  And both were not without their controversy

NFL 2013 week 20 score

but it was the ‘off the hook’ ‘rant heard around the world’ by the Seahawk’s Cornerback, Richard Sherman,  that left sports reporter Erin Andrew, speechless {almost}.

Listen to the Sound Cloud here 

Read the Twitter-verse’s response here

Witness the madness with your own eyes here

Well Luv-lies, I’m fresh out of Men acting badly fodder.

How was your weekend?  Did someone talk about you?  *sarcasm intended*

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