Friday Food Porn

A New Friday Theme & Simple home-style food

Happy Friday Luv-lies,

It's a Charlie Brown snow moment

Today is just plain ‘ol  cooooold!!  All week, the weather prognosticators have been predicting this sub-zero, artic blast that they’ve – most appropriately- dubbed  ‘a polar vortex’.   The temperature outside can’t be described as nothing short of bitterly cold!  This is the type of cold that freezes EVERYTHING on contact.  The weather guys  have also been promising that milder temperatures are in store *side eye*.  The snow is coming down fast! crazy fast!  and the wind is brutal! making it feel even more bone chillingly {is that a word? – ‘chillingly‘?} frigid!

I’m really glad that I didn’t ignore the pre-shopping warnings and not wait until the last minute to do that ‘bad weather grocery shopping’.   The procrastinator in me usually waits until the last minute to do those ‘must get done’ things that should be done waaaaay before the weather related closings, delays and traffic snarls have occurred.

And so.  Here I sit.  It’s Friday.  I’m snowed in.  sitting in front of my laptop … and thinking about food….

{Alert! Alert!} Okay. Right about now, I feel a ‘theme’ coming on.

Yes. A Theme.

I think I like the idea of blogging about food.  And the fact that it’s Friday lends itself nicely to a themed alliteration.

I think I have it!

Friday’s around here will feature at least one post that will have a food theme …. and it will forever be known as  ‘Friday Food Porn’.  *throwing confetti in the air*

I can’t guarantee that all of the foods featured will be the healthiest, but I can promise that they will leave your mouth watering….

With the weather today being as it is, I think that it is most befitting that the first post Friday Food Porn be about ‘comfort food’

Why start with the first meal of the day?


What is could be more decadent than donuts & coffee?   The mini size is a fantastic way to satisfy that ‘first thing in the morning’ sweet tooth without overindulging

Mini Coffee with Donut #Yumlicious!

Mini Coffee with Donut

and for Lunch

Mac ‘n Cheese.  Again, I’m staying with the mini bite.  With a side garden salad – Yowza!

Mac 'n Cheese

Mac ‘n Cheese

…. Dinner

a second meal with cheese?  It’s cold outside…

ahhhhhh. yes.

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

and ….Dessert

Warm apple pie

just add a glass of cold milk.  no greater way to end a day

Warm Apple Pie What a way to end a day :)

Warm Apple Pie
What a way to end a day 🙂

 So that’s it.
This has certainly been a deliciously fun way to spend the morning.  Snowed in.  Comfy P.J.’s.  and comfort food.  The greatest beauty of comfort food is its simplicity and the magical way that it transforms us to a time & place that is familiar and safe.



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