Fat’s Got A Bad Rap … {a.k.a.} Carbs [are] Killing You!

Carbs are killing you

{infographic via:: here}

Hello Luv-lie,

Top of the morning to ya!

Hope that your weekend was quietly


but productive.

My week is starting off with less of me –

had a successful

weigh-in yesterday =)   *Yey Me!*  …. Finally! the plateau has been broken!

While trying to  wrap my head around the

seemingly never ending plateau

that has plagued me this summer, I’ve been looking into how I

could help the

process along!  {how grandiose of me  😉

I’m a true believer that successfully living a healthy lifestyle


that I can consume  moderate amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fiber – with an occasional

dose of sugar.  All in moderation.

During my quest, I stumbled upon the

above infographic.  And, according to this little interesting ditty, it not the fat

content of our diet

that is the culprit for our ever-expanding girth!  But that the culprit

is,  *drum roll, please*  the consumption of a carbohydrate-rich diet.

My thoughts on this,  will be fodder for many

blog posts to come.  But until then,

I am very interested and eager

to get your feedback on this one, Luv-lies….

Do Tell……


What's on Your Mind.....Do Tell

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