Mindful Eating

I’m Never Going to the Supermarket, Again!

farmers market…. at least NOT FOR FRESH FRUITS AND VEGGIES!!!

Good Morning Luv-lies,

I hope that this weekend has been kind to you. Once the work week is over, I so look forward to my weekend. Away from the hustle and bustle of the demands of work, my weekend is all about ‘the relaxation’ factor.

One of the ‘happinesses’ {I had to add that to my spellcheck dictionary…..according to spellcheck, that is not a word…lol} of my weekend is finding new ‘finds’. With the weekend crawling slowly to a close, my new ‘find’ came early this morning. Like every Sunday morning, I jumped into the car and zoomed off to my weekly WW meeting & weigh-in. Almost immediately after pulling out of my quiet development of well-manicured lawns and car-less driveways, I was visually smacked with a new sign {that I had somehow missed before…. I think… :-/ } boldly announcing the opening of the neighbor seasonal FARMER’S MARKET….YEAH!!!!!!

I LUV! LUV! LUV! everything about a Farmer’s Market! The neighborliness of, both, the vendors and the attendees. The openness of the venue. The visual and olfactory pleasures that willingly lure me into buying the hard-grown wares of local farmers.

I’m on my way there, right after the meeting.

…. and you know that I’ll share….

Why do you look forward to the weekends?
Do share……


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