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Weight Watchers … The Weigh I See It


A little over four months ago, after spending many, many years fighting the physical and (more difficult) mental   ‘Battle of the Bulge’.   I had decided that ‘enough was enough’!  No more starting with renewed hope that seemed to come to the same defeated end.   The craziest thing of it all is that, as a child and up to my college years, there were a couple of things that I just didn’t know about this whole weight thing.  You see, during those years a was a itty-bitty  little thing.  Not doing anything deliberate to maintain a weight that often times didn’t top 110 pounds, my days were filled mostly with family, fun and academics  *with a smattering of minimal wage jobs*.

Not once did I realize (or know) that mankind had long before, declared  a relentless war on fat.  Or at least on being fat.  *It’s funny how being socialized exposes you to the hypocrisies of being ‘civilized’ … but this ain’t that type of blog …yawn *

War of Fat

  Then came the assault of the college experience (I mean that, mostly lovingly. *smile*) and the  beauty, enchantment and hope that comes with having a child.  Fast forward twenty- something plus – more years than I’d like to disclose.  That brings me just about to …. now!

Well, actually to that day when I literally said, “… enough is enough”!  I awoke that morning completely unaware that by the days end I would have a renewed weight loss goal.  And although year after year, I was one of those millions of people who was  “… going to finally lose this weight!  Once and for All!” , there was something different about this time.  *right.  we’ve all said heard that before. right?* .


This time it felt different.  This time I had a quiet resolve that spear-headed me into immediate action!  By the end of the day, I had re-enrolled in a fitness center and completed my online enrollment to the world of Weight Watchers!

I had officially declared war on this excess baggage!  And I was planning a coupe!!!  And so this New Year began.  Not with a resolution.  But with an INSPIRATION!

To date I am down 22 pounds!!  These first four months have been a re-commitment to four to five cardio workouts in the fitness center.  Right now, mostly Zumba * I’m a newby at this*.  My plan in to add some strength classes *did this before.  very early in my high school and through my twenties.  Don’t know why I gave that up!*.    I also have plans to add a little ‘flavor’ in the form of  flexibility classes  *read – Yoga.  Did this before.  Loved it.  Again, can figure out why I ever gave it up!*  You see, unlike most women that I’ve talked to – or overheard- talk about their weight loss challenges, I love going to the gym!  I love working out!  I don’t have to be coerced, blackmailed and/or bribed into getting a good cardio workout in…. it’s the eating piece that I find MOST challenging!

I haven’t been able, so far, to figure out why it is sooooo challenging for me to resist overeating.  I know, I know!  I’d be a millionaire if I could unravel this secret.  Then I wouldn’t have to worry about the weight – I’d just have it cut off! *can you taste the snark?  Pun intended* .  One thing that I do feel is that it takes more than willpower, hope,  and wishing to have success reaching this goal.  Which brings me to my next thought.  One thing that I did have to come to grips with is that this is not a temporary project – a dress size and/or an occasion.

My mindset this time.

In order for me to be truly successful, this goal has to be a lifestyle change.

A journey.

Not a destination.


And with that.  I got off of the weight loss rollercoaster!

So why the Weight Watchers Program?

While I haven’t tried every weight and diet program out there…  You can say that I’m a bit of a skeptic!… Okay.  A BIG skeptic!  Lots of years ago, in my twenties- somethings,  I tried the Weight Watchers’ Program.  Looking back, I must say that I was not fully committed to the program – the only thing that I can blame it on is  the immaturity  that is Youth!  So, I must admit that,  I didn’t reallllllllly work the program.  Back then, I wasn’t into sitting in the meeting – *E-Tools wasn’t around*.  Not to mention the number game – figuring out how many carbs, fibers, fats, proteins!!  *Who the heck had time for that?! Not me!*    Well over the years, I’ve gotten wiser and more particular with what I want from a program that will put my on the road to a healthier lifestyle.  And because I am twenty-something plus, suffice to say that, I have seen my share of weight loss  promises  programs come and go.  And , you pretty much know where I’m going with this ….

The Weight Watchers’ Program has been an ever present force to be reckoned with in the world of the ‘Battle of the Bulge’.  I’ve watched the program change to meet the needs of its members.

hey kid_ I luv those glasses

~   e-tools makes getting  meeting information easier  *although I do advocate getting to a meeting as much as possible.  The human factor is sooooo worth it*.   Heck, It makes getting a whole lot information downright easier.  From point tracking, informative articles, program information to having an entire online community that is always willing to assist you along this journey.  I can’t imagine that it can get any better.  But I know that it will.  Weight Watchers seems to have that ability to realllllllly listen to us!  And the result is a program that  *at least for me….. and a whole lot of others – around the world – practically hands you success!  *on a tasteful platter, I might add*

~   the math is so much simpler.  I love that, depending upon each individuals personal information, you are assigned a Daily Points Plus Target (DPT).

~  the gurus in their scientific division have I’m sure painstakingly assigned every food a  Point Value!  Why is that important.  Why!  No more trying to figure out how many carbs/fibers/proteins/fats!  Just look up the food and…. voile’!  You know the Points Plus Value (PPV)!  Simple!

~  there are several different ways to jump start your program.  You chose how you want to get started.  Don’t, yet, understand how the whole PPV thing works, try ‘The Simple Start’ approach.  Your journey.  Your way!

~  for the member, who, like me doesn’t have to have a fire lit under her; in order to get her workouts in, they’ve created Activity Points and an effective fitness tool,  that helps to remind and encourage you to ‘keep it movin’ ‘

~  you still have your weekly weigh-in’s   *well you need something to keep you accountable.  right?*  And, unlike the days of old, the weigh-ins are much more private .No more of the humiliating standing in line where everyone and there brother can see ‘your number’ …. * I’m channeling the scene in Sex In The City where Miranda’s weight was announced, and loudly, throughout the meeting.  Urrgh!*

These are just a few of the great changes that have been made.  It makes it almost a ‘no-brainer’

I think that at this point your probably thinking  “…. surely she is getting paid to say all of this stuff about the Weight Watchers Program…”!

 And the answer is…..!


empty pockets

So why the shameless plug then?

Because, I truly believe in the basic philosophy of the program :



For me, this journey is about::

~   making wise choices …. most of the time.

~   Being authentic and transparent with myself.

~  Learning to accept my role in living unhealthily these last twenty-something plus years and having the courage to face this journey – head on!

~   Stepping up and being accountable without guilt and/or shame.

~  Knowing that I will be will armed with tSohe tools necessary to overcome the  *many*  setbacks, obstacles and challenges along the road.  And let’s just continue to be honest, here.  They will rear their ugly heads.  Soon enough.  *side-eye*.

~  Finding self-acceptance and self-forgiveness whenever  I falter during this journey.

~  Knowing when to ask for assistance.  And when to give it.

~  Being able to live life to my full potential void of the guilt and burden of feeling that my body is not a true reflection of the spirit that lives within it

For me the program is not a diet.  It’s much more personal than that.  It is a way healthy way of life.  It is not a rigid ‘Do It My Way’ formula.

But a program that allows each member to find, within the framework of the program,  their own successes while on this journey to a healthier lifestyle.

It is a program that, like me, it dynamic.  Always evolving.  Not so that I can be a different Me.  More so that I can be the best Me.

Because of this, I am choosing this space in my blog,  to every week dedicate a post to the celebration of the making of The Best Me.  And because the Weight Watchers program has from the onset of this journey,  been very instrumental in grounding me, I have decided to use it as the backdrop.

This is My Journey.  My Experience.  My Story.


So. This is My Official Disclaimer regarding this:  

be shameless

No I am not a paid employee and/or affiliate of the Weight Watchers Program.  I am in no way, shape or form receiving gifts, and/or compensation (monetary or otherwise) as a result of these posts.  What I will not do is, knowingly, share program information that is otherwise available to those members who have satisfied the monetary obligation necessary for enrollment in the program.

Well.  While we’re at it …. you should know ….

 All content herein is my own. All articles, photos, and graphics are my own unless otherwise sourced.  Please do not copy, re-post, or alter my content in any way without my express permission and a credit/link back to the original work. If you feel that I have not properly credited your articles, photos or graphics, please feel free to contact me and I will gladly rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Okay.  Now That’s done.  *whew*

  Although I do aspire to, one day, become a Weight Watchers Program Leader  *because giving back is the highest form of appreciation.  That’s what I feel.  Don’t you?*, for now, I am a grateful active member who wishes to share her successes with all those who offer an audience.

This is My Weight Watchers.

My Journey. 

My Experience. 

My Story.

Enjoy the journey!


3 thoughts on “Weight Watchers … The Weigh I See It

    • Please forgive me for not getting back to you in a more timely fashion. I am flattered that you enjoy my space in the blogosphere enough to want to share it with your readers. You have my permission to share my BLOG: ( with your readers. Please remember to ‘link back’ to blog when necessary. Thank You 🙂

  1. AshleyTheGreat says:

    I don’t even know where to begin but this post is like a breath of fresh air! Well said, well written thanks for taking us on your weight journey with you, I’m buckled up in the passenger seat cause these trip seems like one to check off on my bucket list 😉 I absolutely ♥love♥ the pictures you selected for this post…but you always have nice pics! I think you should have dug out a picture of the ‘itty bitty’ you the 110 lbs version AND the pic of you in a swim suit (ripped abs and all!) when you were addicted to the gym. Maybe even a pic of you now (perhaps the beautiful one of you recently finishing a 5K race). I also think you should reveal your age….why? Because you look extremely good for your age –heck for my age too!!! (I’m 31*in my happy face) Go against the grain…

    Keep up the great work I am digging the weigh you see it!

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