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Hello Blogosphere …. {now what?}

This blog is a space where I’ve  decided to share the musings of being a  Fabulously

Fifty-ish Babe with P(lenty),  H(ips) A(nd) T(highs) living a fit, healthy life-style while giving this aging thing a run for its money!!!!

As much as I would love to be surrounded by personal trainers, professional chefs and a well-equipped private fitness center, the reality for me –  like most of us –  is that’s just no in the cards.   I  will have more than my share of  challenges, slip ups and let downs that will intrude, overwhelm and otherwise, entice me to forgo my commitment to an all around healthier lifestyle, the plan is to stay on tract – or, in for the times that I fall off of the wagon- get back on track)

 The question, I’ve found,  is not so much how to avoid the assaults.  But, rather, how to make wiser and healthier choices in the face of these daily assaults.  Thank goodness that the good news is that I have choices  (and…. as I’ve always said to – my beautiful daughter – “… You always have choices.  They may not be the one’s that you want, but you always have them….” =)

 So, in my attempt to hold myself accountable for living a more well-rounded,  healthier  lifestyle, I’ve created this blog that I’d like to share with you.

 And, because I’m more than my workout & what I  eat – I’ve added a smattering of things that make up the ‘ whole’ me.

* as far as I see it, that is always a GREAT choice ! *

Stop by often … because I enjoy your company.

Next time bring a friend … because I believe that the more the merrier

And remember to leave a comment …. because it’s like the proverbial apple pie

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…… low-fat , of course

P.S. :: Oh yes. About the avatar.

As you can see, I’m neither a red-head or a White Woman. But I love this artist’s style. Only, He hasn’t drawn any pictures of a bald-head Black Woman. ❤


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